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Bot log

Date Description
20190101 Replace ’ with '
20181231 Replace orcish with orc
20181227 Categorize template documentation
20181227 Use complex cite for the Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover
20181213 Standardize pantheon category names
20181208 Use new deck parameter in {{File}} on images of cards
20181207 Make categories for alignment axes more consistent
20181130 Move articles and categories from Category:Books (Golarion) to Category:Books
20181130 Categorize Category:Articles in need of citations/Lacks canon sources
20181129 Consistency in ruleset and type params on product infoboxes
20181123 Expand web citation markup on media pages to help find broken or redirecting source URLs
20181123 Update URLs to use HTTPS
20181123 Convert file templates on images of miniatures to use "miniature" instead of "print", for categorization and citation formatting
20181122 Move some web citations on media of product covers into license templates, and categorize or summarize images
20181119 Move New Products slideshows into new NewProducts namespace
20181113 Update URLs to, especially to blog and messageboards posts
20181109 Add templates to alignment-related articles
20181108 Add canon conflict-related categories
20181031 Update URLs to blog posts in media pages
20181028 Update URLs to blog posts in media pages and categorize
20181026 Identify and manage removed citations
20181024 Update URLs to blog posts in media pages and categorize
20181015 Update URLs to external sites
20170825 Add latlong coordinates to articles based on John Mechalas's Golarion mapping project
20170807 Replace "List of works" with "List of written works"
20170730 Convert print to audio in file templates of audio clips
20170726 Consistency, release date, and cleanup pass through Pathfinder Map Pack products
20170725 Consistent, future-proofed line break parsing (<br /> → <br>)
20170724 New touch edit run across all namespaces to resolve a template autocategorization issue
20170715 Forum:Grand Lodge → Special:WikiForum
20170713 Replace out-of-date <flashmp3> media player with {{Audioplayer}}
20170713 Add or revise imagesof parameter functionality on infobox templates
20170709 Rename images with jpeg extensions to jpg
20170709 Rename images containing Paizo publication codes
20170709 Use {{DPLGallery}} on artist pages
20170706 Restore issue numbers to infobox titles of Adventure Path products
20170706 Replace DPL/DynamicPageList invocations for new extension version
20170706 Target {{Paizo CUP}}-licensed images
20170705 Increment heading levels on pages with H1s in body (typically user pages)
20170705 Fix wiki syntax issues (typically links with extra/missing braces)
20170630 Add source argument to {{Paizo CUP}}-licensed cover images
20170612 Canon conflicts policy change to expand categorization depth
20170603 Beginning of ongoing touch edit runs to resolve a template autocategorization issue, some of which show up in RC due to expanded subst or resurrecting articles that preceded the creation of the Portal namespace
20170205 Add Village Sites Map Pack
20170205 Unlink Rules parameter in book and adventure products
20170130 Use {{Main}} on domain categories
20161212 Replace == Unincorporated sources == with {{U}}
20161211 Hyphenate Category:Real-world categories
20160412 File uploads and categories
20160407 Source external images in {{External}}
20160406 Add missing "Images of" categories
20160406 Source external images in {{External}}
20160406 General article cleanup (bold self-refs, add redirects, add self-cats)
20160327 A bunch of edits that should have been made as User:Oznogon
20160327 Tweak binding parameter in fiction products
20160327 Consistency in rules parameter of {{Deck}} for PACG products
20160229 PFSRG scenario edits (tier, series)
20160104 Category:Jadwiga/Members → Category:Jadwiga
20160104 Autogenerate locations cats for organizations
20151110 Use parameter to {{File}} on sketches and unpublished artwork
20151110 Div naming
20151028 Link laboratory
20150929 Add {{Philosophies navbox}} and Category:Philosophies subcats
20150922 Move blurbs on product pages
20150922 File maintenance (note clean covers, add art categories, use {{Main}} on categories, summarize files, add licenses)
20150913 Autogenerate domain redirects
20150907 Update and expand templates in adventure products
20150907 Pathfinder Society Organized Play → Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild
20150904 Fix deck product types
20150902 Update products upon release
20150824 Update product URLs
20150824 {{Accessory}} → {{Book}} (type sourcebook) on PFCS products
20150821 Autogenerate by-level subcats for brawler, arcanist, bloodrager, hunter, kinetecist, mesmerist, occultist, psychic, shaman, skald, slayer, spiritualist, swashbuckler, and warpriest
20150818 Autogenerate by-level subcats for investigator
20150811 Use {{Cite incomplete}} on {{Cite book}} subtemplates with missing information
20150804 Point season links at season pages
20150804 {{Book}} → {{Adventure}} on PFSRG products
20150804 Fix spelling of Marek Madej on artwork
20150730 Pathfinder Society Organized Play → Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild
20150725 Artist page cleanup (dead links)
20150718 Author page cleanup
20150718 Product page cleanup (Add {{File}}, add self-refs, add {{Quote}}, create "Artwork from" categories
20150718 Remove Category:Images of maps from map product cover images
20150716 Replace <img> with {{External}}