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Demons are fiends, and often do fiendish things, like assassinate each other.

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 346
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The term fiend or fiendish is used to describe creatures, places, or ideas originating or influenced by forces from Outer Sphere planes of evil alignment, also known as the lower planes. This includes demons of the Outer Rifts, devils of Hell, and daemons of Abaddon.1 It is also used as a general term to describe anything deemed abhorrent, degenerate, or corrupted.23

Types of fiends

The term "fiend" most often refers to various types of outsiders devoted to the cause of evil. The following categories of creatures are considered fiends.

The living blasphemies known as asuras are born from the mistakes of the gods and seek to sow doubt and discord among mortals.4[citation needed]
The denizens of Abaddon, daemons want nothing less than the extinction of all life in the multiverse.5[citation needed]
Created by the titans in mockery of mortals, the demodands do their masters' bidding to tear down the works of the gods.6[citation needed]
The spawn of the Outer Rifts, demons are born from mortal souls gorged on sin and wish to bring pain and suffering to all mortal life.7[citation needed]
The devils are the legions of Hell, created by Asmodeus to bring his vision of ruthless, brutal order to all existence.8[citation needed]
Created from the souls of corrupt genies, divs exist to bring misery to mortals and despoil all that is beautiful.9[citation needed]
Created from the planes themselves, imps manipulate mortals into damnation.10
Associated with Tian Xia, nindorus are fiends tied to broken cycles.11
Spirits of rage and jealousy given physical bodies, oni live only to sate their endless destructive lusts.12[citation needed]
The primeval denizens of the Outer Rifts, the alien qlippoth seek to destroy the demonic usurpers through the destruction of sin itself—by slaughtering mortals.13[citation needed]
The rakshasas are "earthbound evils", decadent and debauched souls with the shapes of fiends but bound in mortal bodies.14[citation needed]
Sahkils are former psychopomps who rebel against their role as soul shepherds for the River of Souls.15[citation needed]
Denizens of the Shadow Plane, velstracs warp flesh and spirit in endless pursuit of perverse "perfection".16[citation needed]

Other evil outsiders that do not fall into any specific category, such as barghests or dorvaes, may also be considered fiends.

Planar scion

Descendants of fiendish and mortal pairings are planar scions called cambions.17

Fiendish creatures

Fiendish creatures are native to the lower planes or are natives of the Universe that have been transformed by the foul energies of the lower planes. Many exist in forms almost identical to those found in the Universe.18[citation needed] For instance, a race of fiendish humans inhabits Ishiar, the realm of the demon lord Dagon in the Outer Rifts.19


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