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The term extradimensional describes a metaphysical existence outside of any plane or dimension. (The term nondimensional is synonymous.) For example, a bag of holding stores objects in a tiny extradimensional space that does not exist as part of any other dimension, including the dimension on which the container itself exists.1

Extradimensional interactions

For a list of magic related to extradimensionality, see Extradimensional magic.

Extradimensional spaces can serve many functions, and are most often created as a result of magic, particularly spells and magic items.1

Extradimensional spaces are often useful for moving cumbersome or dangerous objects, as their weight does not increase with their contents and are sealed environments not prone to outside contamination when closed.23 Likewise, extradimensional shelters can protect creatures inside them from the elements, though some rely on circulating air from outside.

An entrance to extradimensional spaces created by certain spells, such as mage's magnificent mansion or rope trick, do not move with ships.4

Reactions between extradimensional objects

Extradimensional spaces can be subject to unusual reactions when combined. For instance, placing an extradimensional container into the extradimensional space of a rope trick. Doing so prevents access to the container's extradimensional space until the container is removed from the space. Another example involves direct interactions between a bag of holding and a portable hole, which can destroy or exile both objects and create a planar rift or portal to the Astral Plane.1567


See also: Category:Extraplanar subtype creatures

Some creatures exist in, create, or can detect extradimensional spaces.

  • Grodair: Holds thousands of gallons of water in an extradimensional space.8
  • Slithering pit: Comprised of an extradimensional breach, detects and creates extradimensional spaces, and interacts violently when it consumes an extradimensional space.9
  • Soulsliver: Lives in extradimensional gaps behind mirrors.1011
  • Taotieh: Contains an extradimensional core that allows it to swallow creatures larger than itself.1213
  • Forsaken legion: Defenders in undead Jistkan troops can create extradimensional trenches.14


Extradimensional spaces are created or contained by many types of magic, while extradimensional travel magics are some of the most potent and useful magics on Golarion.


Spells and schools


Many locations contain extradimensional spaces, enable or restrict extradimensional travel, or have other extradimensional traits.


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