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Hark and Ezren battle an akaruzug.

Any ruins

Infernal constructs imagined in the depths of Hell, the secret of an akaruzug's construction is a closely guarded secret traded to mortal spellcasters desperate for power and willing to do anything to get it. They are powered by the souls of those sacrificed to create them.2


Akaruzugs look like grim, stony-faced angels, carved deliberately in mockery of the angelic. Akaruzugs are around 15 feet tall and carved of dark stone, and weigh around three tons. Where the statues' legs should be, their form instead tapers into a sword-like point that akaruzugs use to attack its foes.2

Habitat and ecology

Akaruzugs can be found anywhere where mortal spellcasters are willing to bargain anything for power. As constructs, akaruzugs have no place in the natural order and can thus be found anywhere. Their construction involves entombing a powerful warrior alive within the akaruzug. The akaruzug is then sculpted while the entombed warrior's life expires. The final process to animate the akaruzug is to chain another living humanoid to the front of the akaruzug who is then drawn into the akaruzug. Akaruzug posses an innate hatred of the living thanks to their creation process. Akaruzugs are primarily used as a form of temptation by devils. Ironically, creating an akaruzug is such an evil act it damns the creators soul to Hell, ensuring the creator pays an unfair price for the akaruzug regardless of what they bargained for it.2


An akaruzug functions off the soul energy of the victim crucified on its frame. If the victim is removed, the akaruzug loses its animating force, and the victim's spirit can move on to the afterlife. Using the energy of its captive soul, an akaruzug can emit a blast of infernal energy that flenses the soul of anyone within range. In addition, an akaruzug can project the spirit of any victim that has been crucified on its chest and use it to attack the construct's foes.2


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