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Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 87
See also: Barbazu

Vordines, also known as infantry devils, serve as Hell's elite shock troops and lead hordes of the damned into combat for their diabolic masters.1


Vordines are red-skinned devils who resemble tailed and horned humanoids with digitigrade legs ending in hooves.1

Habitat and ecology

Vordines are trained in Dis and tasked with either the defense of Hell's upper layers or to march in service of archdevils and nessaris. They are granted ranks and responsibilities within a complex hierarchy, including leadership over lesser devils and servants, delivering messages, or performing administrative tasks. Vordines are notoriously cruel to their subordinates, and the most privileged vordines hold rank over other vordines.1


Like most devils, they are capable of teleportation and ritualistically summoning subordinate devils. They can communicate telepathically and typically wield magical whips and tridents, the latter of which can be further empowered by the presence of unholy allies. A vordine's hooves emit fire and can leave burning tracks in their path.1


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