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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Kobold Quarterly 23, pg(s). 12–13

Ascensoriel,1 also known as crusader devils, are the cavalry of Hell, infernal knights spawned from tainted divinity.2


An ascensoriel resembles a fiendish centaur, its once-beautiful upper body grafted onto a horselike frame of iron and gold. Most wield unholy flails.2

Habitat & Society

Once, ascensoriel were angels, but they fell from grace and plummeted into the pit of Hell, losing their wings and their beautiful countenances. There, the archdevil Dispater granted them new purpose as his personal cavalry and as the inquisitors of Dis. Now, they ride with the legions of Hell as true devils, acting as knights-errant for Dispater and scouring the Iron City to crush the lawless.2


Like most devils, ascensoriel can teleport and summon other infernal denizens, specifically barbazus. Additionally, they can inherently discern lies; any being who speaks falsely to an ascensoriel is burned with unholy fire. Their unholy flails inflict persistent wounds that are almost impossible to stop from bleeding. They can call down the wrath of ultimate order on chaotic beings and climb walls as deftly as a spider.2


  1. The name is both singular and plural.
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