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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful, shapechanger)
CR 7
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 52

Patraavexes, commonly known as sire devils, are devils who live to spread Hell's taint in the Material Plane by fathering tieflings.[1]


A sire devil is a horrendous amalgamation of snapping claws and writhing tendrils with a vertical fanged mouth on its torso. It is seven feet tall and weighs 250 pounds.[1]


Sire devils seek out mortals who want to bear hellspawn children or are willing to take the risk of doing so at the cost of the devil's immediate offerings. Capable of shapechanging, sire devils are often dishonest with their mates about their true nature, especially when they seek to create a scandal with the presence of their tiefling offspring, or when contracted by mortals to do so by secretly introducing the diabolic taint to a rival's bloodline.[1]