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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 85

The slug-like exterior of the bdellavritra, or belier devil, does not hint at the incredibly evil and manipulative genius that it possess. Bdellavritras definitely prefer to manipulate events from behind the scenes, the puppet-master hidden behind a myriad of mortal plots.


A bdellavritra looks like an enormous slug that has a head at both ends of its body, although "head" is used in the loosest sense of the word. One head is little more than a lamprey-like mouth filled with row upon row of teeth. The other head is in fact three grimacing humanoid heads that look as if they are in incredible pain. From the mouths of these three heads extend long, sinuous tongues that cut like sharp dagger blades.1

Habitat and Ecology

Bdellavritra possess some of the most diabolically manipulative minds in the whole of Hell. Despite the huge advantage this would grant them in Hell's hierarchy they do not favour the infernal realm, much preferring the Material Plane. Bdellavritra prefer the challenge presented by the tumultuous and unpredictable material plane. It is believed that some of Golarion's most famous historical manipulators were actually disguised Bdellavritra.2


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Blood Drain
If a bdellavritra manages to bite its enemy, it can quickly drain its opponents blood.
Bdellavritra specialize in possession using hosts to further their cunning schemes and intricate plans. Even if it is not currently possessing its host body it is aware of what the body is doing or what is happening to it.2

Notable Bdellavritra


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