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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)

Fierce hunters of wayward souls, gaav, or lesser host devils as they are more commonly known, fill the skies of Hell in terrifyingly vast flocks.1


Gaav appear as a tangle of bird-like limbs held aloof by sheer, frantic energy rather than graceful coordination, a pair of mangy looking wings give the gaav their propulsion. Gaav have no legs instead having four clawed arms which can be used to grip weapons or tear at flesh with equal ease. Their head boast an array of fiendish looking horn, though they are not as impressive as those possessed by the larger, stronger devils called magaav. Gaav if they stood straight would be around four foot high with a six foot wingspan.1

Habitat and ecology

The skies of Avernus, the first layer of Hell, are often swarming with gaav who chase down wayward souls, they can sometimes be found outside of Hell's depths in their pursuit of the damned. Gaav always travel in large flocks pursuing not just those who trying to escape Hell but those who have reneged on infernal contracts or any other who the pit wishes to claim. The number of gaav in a flock can reach the thousands but they are always led by the bigger and more powerful magaav.1