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A gidim.

(devil, evil, extraplanar, incorporeal, lawful)
6 (lesser) or 15 (greater)
Source: Mother of Flies, pg(s). 82–83

Gidims, also known as possession devils, are among the most malevolent spirits in Hell. Restricted from entering the Material Plane, they can often be found watching mortals from the Ethereal Plane.1


Gidims are little more than invisible spirits.1

Habitat and ecology

Gidims are not considered true devils by other devils, but rather the foulest of Hell-trapped souls transformed into a Hellish weapon through infernal magic; consequently, they are outside the traditional infernal hierarchy. Although they are barred from entering the Material Plane since they are damned souls, the gidims wait in the Ethereal Plane for volatile mortals to experience moments of rage, anguish, pain, or death, which allow the gidims to break into the material world. Once on the Material Plane, gidims seek to possess the bodies of mortal creatures. As long as they possess a material body, they can remain on the Material Plane indefinitely to inflict suffering on mortal creatures.1 Once in the Material Plane, their incorporeal claws can inflict real wounds.1

There are two ranks or breeds of gidim: the lesser gidim, who typically act on their own, and greater gidim, who are crafted from the souls of legendary evil creatures to destroy the mortal enemies of Hell.1