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Drudge devil
Crowe smashes an ort.

Orts, also known as drudge devils1 or lemures,2 are one of the lowest of devil-kind, seemingly nothing more than ambulatory mounds of melting fiendish flesh and hatred.1


An ort is a vaguely humanoid-shaped mound of saggy flesh that runs and drips like candle wax, as if some foul creator had forgotten to give it a permanent form. It has facial features in only the vaguest sense of the word, with a horrible pit passing for a mouth and eyes that hint at the centuries of torture it has had to endure. Its limbs, like the rest of it, look crudely formed but serve as its only weapons.1

Habitat and ecology

Orts originate in Hell's first layer of Avernus, where they labor alongside damned souls.1

The actual creation of orts from the damned is dependent on the unknowable qualities of infernal planes, not from diabolic interference. Although this makes direct transformation from shade to ort impossible, it has not stopped diabolical lords from experimentation to duplicate the process.3

Orts serve as the raw material of nessaris, who can combine and reshape many orts into more powerful types of devils.1


Unlike most devils, orts possess no supernatural abilities whatsoever, relying solely on their muck-encrusted claws and sheer numbers to bring down enemies. They have little self-motivation and are easily controlled by other types of devils, who can issue them simple commands at will.1


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