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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: The Kintargo Contract, pg(s). 82

Ferrugons, commonly known as rust devils, are a species of devils who sow complacency, pride, and cynicism among mortals by encouraging them to attempt hubristic and difficult works of art or architecture.1


A rust devil's flesh and feathered wings are rusty metallic, each feather resembling a weathered dagger. A rust devil has curling ram's horns, stands five feet tall and weighs 900 pounds.1


Rust devils are formed from the damned shades who caused pain and suffering through the application of their arts or crafts in life. They are dipped repeatedly in molten iron, then have this new iron coating chiselled and forged by diabolic artisans.1

Rust devils rarely fight, preferring to flatter mortals and convince them to, in their hubris, undertake feats of art, construction, or craft that are likely well beyond their skill. For every mortal who accepts and crafts a masterpiece, dozens fail and fall into depression, self-loathing, and jealousy for the rest of their life, while their souls are damned to Hell.1

Rust devils only resort to violence when defending something they have sworn to protect. In combat, a rust devil uses walls of iron to shape the battlefield to its advantage while whispering into its opponents' ears. Against foes of particularly striking appearances, a rust devil is likely to turn them to iron and shrink them to become decorations for its lair.1


Rust devils are most commonly found in Dis, where they see themselves as tenders and caretakers of the city's iron buildings rather than actual architects.1


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