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A munagola.

Munagolas, also known as executioner devils, are fleshwarped devils who primarily serve the interests of the Queens of the Night, a reminder to other devils that the presence of the Queens is never far off.[1]


A munagola is a female devil with horns, corded muscles, black wings, and smouldering coal-black eyes.[2]


Eiseth, queen of the erinyes, began creating the mighty munagolas shortly after rising to power and designed them to be an army of warriors representative of her own furious strength.[2] They serve under her command from Widow's Cry, unopposed and often acting outside of the rules of Dispater and his city of Dis.[3]


Each executioner devil is forged from an erinys subjected to centuries of fleshwarping and infernal modification, and the result is angrier, stronger, and more devoted to Eiseth's ambitions than its progenitor. They act alone or in squadrons of up to eight,[2] and also serve as Hell's executioners.[4]


Munagolas combine the aerial capabilities and craftiness of its erinyes origins with the brute strength of osyluths or pit fiends. The more successful they are in combat, the angrier and stronger they become, and incapacitating a foe can send a munagola into a devastating rampage. They wield enchanted battleaxes and wear enchanted breastplate.[2]