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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, incorporeal, lawful)
CR 10
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: The Infernal Syndrome, pg(s). 86

The uniila, also known as the cabal devil, is a fiend who seeks to seduce mortals with the mysteries of magical power.[1]


An uniila appears as a floating, shrouded, lithe feminine figure darkly cloaked in glyph-decorated and tattered arcane robes. Four pallid arms reach from beneath the robes, clutching eldritch blades or implements.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

Native to Stygia, uniilas eagerly seek passage to the Material Plane. These fiends offer magical power to mortals in a seemingly neutral way that still tempts their victims to damnation.[1]

Uniilas have an innate and exceptionally frightening spellcasting ability, and can offer nearby mortal spellcasters the ability to prepare and cast additional spells. The fiends can prepare a witch token, in the form of a ring or other item, which makes a mortal spellcaster's spells more difficult to resist but allows the uniila to scry upon and harm the spellcaster at will.[1]