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Copperheads (informal)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 56

Copperwood is a small town located northeast of Absalom just outside the city's walls that is the home of many of Absalom's laborers, tradesmen, and domestic servants.1 Originally a tent city of unskilled laborers who could not afford to live in the city proper, conditions steadily improved over the centuries until Copperwood became a town in its own right. The locals are often known as "Copperheads".2


The town was the first to be attacked by the mechanical invasion force of the wizard Karamoss in 3637 AR. Even though the druids of Absalom eventually repelled the siege, Copperwood was nearly destroyed during the fighting.3


Because Copperwood is considered part of Absalom, it is regularly patrolled by the Starwatch.4 During extended conflicts, however, its citizens withdraw within Absalom's city walls.5


Copperwood is a largely working-class neighborhood, and many of the servants who work in the nearby Petal District make their homes there, traveling back and forth daily through the city's Kin Gate.678 Many ex-slaves have also made their home in Copperwood since Lord Gyr abolished the practice in 4717 AR.6 Visitors to Absalom can often hire natives of the town during their visits to act as porters or guides.9


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