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The Scrape is the name given to the jagged, stony desert located in the north-eastern Isle of Kortos within the domain of the city-state of Absalom.[1][2][3]


The Scrape was formed as a result of the First Siege of Absalom in 23 AR. At the beginning of the war, the minotaur warlord Voradni Voon constructed the Brazen Arch, a teleportation portal, to bring his armies of minotaurs, centaurs, and harpies from distant Casmaron to the Isle of Kortos. The hooves of over 10,000 centaurs thundered across the eastern plains causing destruction with their seismic magic until the god Aroden turned it back on them. Voon, the Arch, and countless of his minions toppled into deep rifts that opened in the ground, destroying the army and ending the siege. The devastated landscape left behind by this attack became known as the Scrape. Many of the surviving minotaurs fled into the nearby Riven Hills, while the harpy survivors fled higher into the Kortos Mounts.[4]


The Scrape is the territory of a number of proud and xenophobic centaur tribes who do not look kindly upon intruders and they raid trade caravans.[4][5]

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