Black Ink Lake

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Black Ink Lake is a frigid yet roiling lake of iron gall ink located on the side of Arazlant Mox on the Isle of Kortos at an elevation of 13,000 feet. It is believed to be the final resting place of Norgorber's mortal effects before his ascension to godhood.1

Legends suggest the lake's distinctive composition comes from disposed documents describing Norgorber's crimes. The Court of Black Paper operates a shrine on its shores that uses the lake's ink in occult documents, and for submerging new advocates in occasionally fatal initiations.1

Norgorberites make pilgrimages to the site to sacrifice secrets of their own into its depths. Divers who attempt to retrieve items from it find it not only impossibly cold, deep, and dark to navigate, but also sense forces that seem bent on taking hold of them.1

Parts of stone ruins submerged within the lake are visible on its surface, and a small stone island is positioned at its center.2


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