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Nation Absalom
Region Isle of Kortos
Level 6
Size Large town
Population 3,533
Demographics 64% human, 11% halfling, 8% half-elf, 17% others
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Mayor Perivar Altrusi
Leader Opper Vandy, Master of the Kerrick Grange

Source: Life's Long Shadows, pg(s). 60

Kerrick is the largest town in the Swardlands, located west of the mouth of the Husna River on the western coast of the Isle of Kortos.[1][2]


Kerrick's mayor and dockmaster are both appointed by the Grand Council of Absalom, usually picked from trusted political allies. The incumbent mayor is Perivar Altrusi, a puppet of House Candren; and the incumbent dockmaster is Lartressa Toulune, an ally of House Gixx. However, most political power is held by the Kerrick Grange, a cooperative of most of the farmers in the Swardlands, save for those who live near other trade hubs like Willowside.[1] As a result, wealthy landowners and businessmen cannot dominate the local economy. The grange's influence stretches from Kerrick to Matten Cleave and Castinlee. While Turpin Rowe does not participate, it is still provided with provisions through an agreement between the grange and the Yalborough Consortium, and enjoys a close relationship with Kerrick. The Kerrick Grange's current leader is Opper Vandy.[3]


Most of Kerrick's inhabitants are local farmers and investors. In the large Grange House in the middle of the town, they broker deals with each other and hired shippers to export the Swardlands' harvest to Absalom, Diobel, Escadar, and beyond. Kerrick has an unusually large harbour, allowing it to accommodate many ships.[1][3]