Arazlant Mox

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Arazlant Mox is the highest peak in the Kortos Mounts, the mountain range that dominates the center of the Isle of Kortos. It is over 26,400 feet in height.1 The peak was the first home of the Starstone when Aroden raised the island from the sea, and is sacred to all the three Ascended gods.2

Notable Locations

Black Ink Lake

Black Ink Lake is a large black pool of iron salts and tannins located at 13,000 on the mountain's slopes. Legend attributes its unusual color and composition to Norgorber who threw all evidence of his mortal life into it after his ascension, staining it with the ink of ledgers and reports. The lake is considered sacred to Norgorberites, who perform pilgrimages to it to throw offerings into the pool. A small temple stands on its shores, kept by the Court of Black Paper to collect ink for ritual purposes and to initiate new members by briefly submerging them in the lake.2

Danaetlugh's Spring

Danaetlugh's Spring is located at a height of 16,000 feet, and consists of a natural spring flowing from between a large pine tree's roots. The spring is said to have been visited by Cayden Cailean after his ascension in an attempt to clear his head and recollect the previous night's events, inadvertently blessing both the spring, by drinking from it, and a sapling, by leaning against it for support. The modern spring produces uisce beatha, a sacred whiskey capable of curing ailments and resurrecting the dead, and is guarded by an arboreal named Danaetlugh, who only permits pilgrims to drink from the spring if their plea can make him weep or if they beat him in a contest of strength.2

The Inheritor's Forge

The Inheritor's Forge is a small keep built 20,000 feet up the mountain's slopes. The site is claimed to be where Iomedae forged one or more of a number of legendary swords associated with her. The Forge is inhabited by a group of argent wardens led by the angel Qisteliel, who forge weapons for Heaven's armies and occasionally loan their work or grant access to their forge to mortals they deem sufficiently virtuous.2

Aroden's Rest

Aroden's Rest is located on the highest peak of Arazlant Mox. The site consists of a ten-pace-wide platform of green-veined white marble with a small depression in its center marking the Starstone's original resting place before it was moved to the Starstone Cathedral. A hermitage was originally built below it to tend to Arodenite pilgrims, but has since been abandoned following the god's death and the increasingly sporadic visits by his dwindling faithful. The site's only resident is the ghost of its last priestess, Sahba al-Koriab, who perished when the divine influence that allowed her to survive at this altitude ceased when Aroden died.2


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