Council of Thorns

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Council of Thorns

Druidic circle
Source: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 61–62

The Council of Thorns was an ancient druidic circle, the members of which faced the unstoppable orc horde in the Hold of Belkzen in 4237 AR. The druids martyred themselves to protect what is now the Ghostlight Marsh.123


The druids opposed the devastation the orcs were wreaking on the land and aided the forces of Lastwall until the Sunwall finally fell to the invading horde. They were gradually forced back to the swamp between the Flood Road and the River Esk, and their final act was to sacrifice themselves in a bloody ritual.123 As their blood mingled with the swamp water, dozens of lights rose from the murky swamp. Those lights were the Council of Thorns reincarnated as will-o'-wisps who have guarded the Ghostlight Marsh ever since, although rumor has it they do not attack those well attuned to nature.12 The will-o'-wisps retained memories from their former lives as druids.2


A common rumor says that a mute elven druid known as Silvermane in the small town of Trunau is the only survivor of the Council of Thorns. He has resided on the hill protecting the vital Hopespring since before Trunau was founded there.4

Vault of Thorns

To help fight orc invaders, the Council created a demiplane called the Vault of Thorns. Its entrance is within the Ghostlight Swamp and can be found by placing the husk of a dead will-o'-wisp inside a ghostlight lantern.5


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