Firewatch Peaks

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The Firewatch Peaks are a series of squat bunkers manned by soldiers from Ustalav located in the Tusk Mountains of the Hold of Belkzen, just south of Whisperfall Pass.1

In total, there are twelve bunkers in operation, all under the control of the County of Canterwall and with the intention of monitoring orc (and sometimes dragon) activity in the area. The structures themselves predate the inhabitants of Ustalav, however, instead bearing markings of dwarven design.

In addition to underground tunnels, connecting each fortress, individual bunkers can communicate to each other (and the outside world) via trained hawks. More impressive is that in times of attack the stone roofs are capable of being lowered into the ground, making the bunkers virtually impervious to attack. This makes the defenses ideal against the ever-present threat of dragon attacks from Raschka-Tor.2

The fortifications are often tested by orc attack, most notably from the nearby Skull Eater tribe.3

The Watches of Triaxus

Scholars of the planet Triaxus have puzzled about the similarities evinced between the bunkers in the Firewatch Peaks and the Watches of the Parapet Mountains separating the Skyfire Mandate from the Drakelands. Of course, it could be a pure coincidence and nothing more, but the absence of knowledge about the foundation of the bunkers could mean there is a common heritage for both defensive positions lost to history.4


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