Dretha's Cradle

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Dretha's Cradle serves as the home and laboratory for the orc alchemist known as Mother Chot and her apprentices.1


It is located in the Algid Wastes of the northern Hold of Belkzen, near the border with the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.1

Structure and use

Dretha's Cradle also serves as a mixture of fortress, breeding yard, and prison for the monsters created within. Here, Mother Chot uses the fleshwarping techniques she tortured out of her former drow master Xilganni Parastric to create terrifying monstrosities and undead creations.1

She is not alone in this endeavour, as Dretha's Cradle now serves as home for dozens of apprentices and breeders each conducting their own foul experiments. The Mangled Limb tribe drags slaves and captured megafauna to Dretha's Cradle to be transformed into warbeasts, half-living warmachines, and undead abominations.1

These creatures are then auctioned off to the orc tribes and other sinister visitors three times a year. The beasts can fetch thousands of gold pieces each, or are sometimes traded for rare alchemical concoctions. Mother Chot herself is known for her creation of oronci from orc slaves and necrocrafts made of discarded flesh.1

She roams Dretha's Cradle carried by a unique flesh golem that includes parts of her long-dead master Xilganni Parastric.1


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