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An orc Endseer oracle.
Type Monastic order
Leader Grand Seer Olemak
Headquarters Brimstone Haruspex, Hold of Belkzen
Goals Service to Rovagug, prophesy
Scope National
Members Orcs

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 41

Inside the Brimstone Haruspex, an ancient group of inbred orc oracles of Rovagug known as the Endseers offer guidance in exchange for massive tributes.[1] In addition to maintaining the only supposedly complete record of orc history—a lengthy series of cave paintings stretching all the way back to the orcs' initial emergence on the surface of Golarion—the oracles breathe in the vapors from the Eye of the Unmaker's active fumaroles in order to spin weird and bloody prophecies.[2]

The fumes that give the Endseers their insights are highly caustic, permanently scarring their faces and lungs and corrupting their voices.[3] It is for this reason that most leaders choose to send their seconds-in-command with questions, as the cruel and prudent priests frequently opt to dangle petitioners in the sulfurous pits to gain the revelations firsthand.[4] Since the death of Aroden and the start of the Age of Lost Omens, however, the Endseers' prophecies have become less reliable.[1]

Even so, orc chiefs greatly respect the words of the oracles and often refuse to go to war without first sending a messenger to receive whatever revelations the orc mystics can reveal. Those travelling to the temple complex take care not to anger the priests, as those who do often return hideously burned.[5]