Damrek's Library

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Damrek's Library

Homunculi, arcane students
Source: King of the Mountain, pg(s). 62

Damrek's Library is a demiplane created by Damrek Elemion, a Nexian arcanist who now exists in an unstable state of undeath within the demiplane. It was created as a way to tutor wizards and continues to be used as such.1


Damrek's Library is made up of multiple layers, each filled with libraries, kitchens, experiment rooms, and sleeping chambers. As magical students progress through their studies they are able to advance into more of the layers to gain access to more information and resources.1


Many homunculi reside in the demiplane, taking on the role of tutors and assistants to the many students who come to the Library to train. The first level is run by a homunculus called Zevzerious who resembles a crow-headed cat wearing a monocle and an old-fashioned Nexian wizard's hat.1

Damrek himself exists at the heart of the demiplane and can observe every layer through the eyes of his homunculi. His state of near-undeath requires him to periodically consume a creature's life force. To justify this to himself, he chooses to feed on students he deems dangerous or power-hungry.1


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