Fellnight Realm

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Fellnight Realm

Mildly evil
Rhoswen and her minions
A misty realm of thorns and shadow

In the mythical past, before the sundering of the First World, the fey-queen Rhoswen sought to combine her own innate magic with that of the Shadow Plane. She settled in a gloomy, wooded valley to practice her new art, and slowly succumbed to greed and corruption. Her need to dominate affected all those around her, until one day, the other denizens of that fey realm combined their powers to sever her realm from their reality. They created the Fellnight Realm, a demiplane coterminous with Golarion, the First World, and the Shadow Plane, and imprisoned Rhoswen and her followers there. They placed mystical wardstones known as the faengard at the borders of the realm, forever trapping its inhabitants.123