Palace of Nightmares

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Palace of Nightmares

Strongly evil-aligned
Demiplane within the Ethereal Plane
Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 65

The Palace of Nightmares is a city-sized demiplane within the Ethereal Plane and the stronghold of the powerful kimenhul sahkil Thassritoum.1


Visitors to the Palace of Nightmares arrive at the Absence Loggia, a covered porch larger than a city block. Charm and creativity might earn passage into the Conservatory of Sobs, the Bleating Chapel, and the Reflecting Pool before one is allowed into the Parlor of Lamentation, Thassritoum's courtroom.1


Conjuration and evocation do not work at all in the Palace of Nightmares, while physical violence inflicts only pain, not injury.1


Within the Palace of Nightmares, Thassritoum gathers lesser sahkils, other evil outsiders and shades alike. The palace has its own social circles, etiquette, and pecking order based on loathsome gifts and fears. The Absence Loggia is lined with grotesque entertainers, desperate courtiers, and pedlars of pain and dread. Only the most depraved or deceitful mortals are welcome into the Parlor of Lamentation, where sahkils, daemons, devils and demons offer dreadful memories and broken mortal lives in an attempt to court Thassritoum's approval.1

Thassritoum has also kidnapped the yamaraj psychopomp Harubic, whom Thassritoum forces to watch parading shades and outsiders condemned to afterlives broken by the sahkils, in the hope of breaking Harubic's confidence in its judgements. Thassritoum is also served by some powerful minions: the Dancers, a pair of pakalchis stitched together into one creature; the Lucid Rani, a Vudrani psychic killed by Thassritoum through fear and turned into a ghost; Spawn Without End, a xill whose eggs degrade the victim's sanity without ever hatching; and Nandrahl, Thassritoum's former grim reaper2 lover.1


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