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Desna's holy symbol
Titles Pole star, or North Star
Type Star
Inhabitants Desna

Cynosure is also called the pole star or the North Star as it is the star used to indicate where north lies. Despite the rotation of Golarion, which causes the other stars and planets to move in the night sky, Cynosure remains stable in the heavens providing the direction of the North Pole.[1][2][3]

There is a constellation called the Stair of Stars which, astronomically, points the way to the pole star and, theologically, points the way to Desna's palace.[1][3][4] Sometimes, this constellation is referred to as the pointers; these pointers are used by travellers at night to find Cynosure in order to calculate which way is north.[5]


Desna, the goddess of dreams, stars, travellers, and luck, makes her home in Cynosure in a palace called the Sevenfold Cynosure.[1][3]


The capital city of Osirion, Sothis, was named by the first pharaoh, Azghaad, after the Ancient Osiriani word for Cynosure.[6]