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Strongly lawful evil aligned
Devils in service to Lorthact
Surrogate Hell constructed to harvest souls for an exiled infernal duke
Source: Academy of Secrets, pg(s). 3

Belzeragna is a private demiplane created by the infernal duke Lorthact for the purposes of harvesting souls. When students of the Acadamae in Korvosa—unbeknownst to the public run by Lorthact in his disguise as the wizard Volshyenek Ornelos—enter the Hall of Wards as part of their training, in truth they are teleported to Belzeragna, where they are tortured and their souls collected for Lorthact's gain. When such victims perish, their bodies are returned to the Acadamae as if slain by the Hall of Wards' traps and magical protections, protecting Lorthact's secret. Their souls remain trapped in the infernal duke's private plane until he has further use for them.1

Minuscule in planar terms, Belzeragna consists of only a single building corresponding to the Hall of Wards on the Material Plane. Belzeragna is a locked plane, and souls trapped there may not leave except by the consent of Lorthact or his lieutenant, the contract devil Chyvvom.2


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