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Semi-sentient demiplane realm which devours other demiplanes
For another meaning of "Mnemovore", please see Mnemovore (creature).

Mnemovore is a semi-sentient demiplane brought into existence by an unknown creator or creators, which literally devours similar planes. It hungers for the knowledge contained within other artificially created demiplanes, and generally restricts itself to those realms which have been abandoned by their owners. It has been speculated that it is the result of failed magic, gone horribly haywire at its creation.1


The heart of Mnemovore is a constantly shifting and moving library hundreds of miles across and containing thousands of tomes. It possesses an animalistic intelligence and can respond instinctually to outside stimuli. When Mnemovore devours another plane, it will absorb its energies and knowledge, causing the library to grow (proportionally to the mass of the consumed demiplane) and information about the conquest to appear scattered across the books. The descriptions of different planes blend with each other, and sentences are written in dozens of languages. It is unknown how old Mnemovore is, or how many demiplanes it consumed during its 'lifetime'.2

The sigil of a fox wearing a crown appears across different regions of Mnemovore. No conclusive information has been discovered about the nature of this image, but it appears to have been added post-consumption.2


At least nine factions of extraplanar entities are present in Mnemovore: angels, devils, daemons, velstracs, an ifrit3 shuyookh,4 and other unidentified outsiders. None claims to have resided in the demiplanes consumed by Mnemovore, or remembers any existence before their arrival. All factions inhabit different parts of the demiplane, seem to be in a careful truce, and are all curious about the origin of Mnemovore and the nature of the information it collects, but are unwilling to cooperate with others.2

On Golarion

Mnemovore was first discovered by the Arclord Jurati in 4602 AR, when she tried to access the Refuge of Nex, only to be deposited into Mnemovore when her ritual went wrong. She spent three weeks in it and discovered its plane-eating property, inspiring her to name it Mnemovore. Once she felt that she had learnt enough, she returned to the Material Plane to confer with her colleagues. She wrote about her discoveries in the House of Folding Walls, noting that among the twelve cultural signifiers she found in Mnemovore's composition, only three are believed to be native to Golarion.2

Mnemovore has since attracted the attention of knowledge-seeking scholars from the Pathfinder Society, signifers from the Order of the Gate, and a few Riftwardens. Some critics fear that digging too deep into Mnemovore will attract its attention to Golarion, with unknown consequences.2


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