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Jade Hegemon
Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 36

All-Father Verdesz is the leader of the Azure Empire of munsahirs, whose capital is Emberkeep on the Plane of Fire. Prior to the munsahirs' recent liberation from servitude, Verdesz was also known as the Jade Hegemon, ruler of an ancient empire of elementals on Golarion whose name was lost to time.12


Verdesz is a munsahir wreathed in green flame, distinct from the red flames of most munsahirs. He has copper skin pitted with a turquoise patina.2

As the Jade Hegemon

The Jade Hegemon was the mythical ruler of an unnamed empire of elementals living in the Valashmai Jungle of southern Tian Xia during the Age of Serpents. His ultimate fate was unknown1 until ca. 4723 AR, when his people's 66,666 years of servitude to the fire scamps of the Ninefold Towers of the Matriarch of Holy Sublimation came to an end. They subsequently reclaimed their ancient home of Emberkeep on the Plane of Fire and re-established the munsahir Azure Empire.2

The descendants of the Jade Hegemon's empire are said to have migrated to the Chenlun Mountains after its fall, and are still blamed for that region's heavy volcanic activity.1 The fate of his empire remained unknown as of 4723 AR.2

As the All-Father

As of 4723 AR, Verdesz is now All-Father of the revived Azure Empire of munsahirs and leader of its rebuilding efforts.2


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