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Titles Master of Black Wings
Lord of Stolen Blood
The Hungry Dark
Home Argahoz, the Abyss
House of the Bat, Xibalba
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Bats
nocturnal predators
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery
Subdomains Deception, Demon, Fear, Fur, Moon, Night
Favored Weapon Javelin
Symbol Bat-shaped rune
Sacred Animal Bat
Sacred Colors Black, red
Images of Camazotz

The obscure god Camazotz appears as an enormous and terrifying man-like bat that takes delight in hunting mortals during the darkness. An ancient and obscure deity, Camazotz shows little real interest in the affairs of his mortal followers except to receive offerings and sacrifices. He expects fanaticism from his followers, and perceives failure as weakness.[1]


Camazotz's priests originally had a strong presence in the Land of Black Blood in Orv, but were expelled by followers of the demon lord Abraxas.[2] The dead demon lord Vyriavaxus may have been one of his spawn.[3]


Camazotz dwells in three different places in both Golarion and the Great Beyond. The first is the Abyssal realm of Argahoz, a cavernous realm dominated by an enormous pit.[4] The second is the Land of the Eleven Deaths, a Darklands realm beneath the distant continent of Arcadia; while the third is the House of the Bat in the realm of death, Xibalba.[1][5]

Sacred animals

Though he favors bats most of all, Camazotz has a fondness for all nocturnal predators, including spiders, vultures and wolves.[1]

Cults of Camazotz

Mortal worshipers of Camazotz strive to subvert the trappings and comforts of civilization and spread fear. Ceremonies to the Hungry Dark always involve blood sacrifices, preferably drawn by the fangs of living creatures, which are fed to statues of Camazotz.[1]