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Titles Queen of Frostmire
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Fungus queen
Class Cleric 11
Gender Female
Homeland Frostmire, Sarkoris Scar
Deity Cyth-V'sug

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 6

Enivuni was the leader of the fungus queens and the cult of Cyth-V'sug in the demon-controlled realm of the Worldwound. Enivuni was one of the first of her kind, created from one of the weakest succubi who dared attack the witch Soris Delyn. The high priestess wished to eventually convert all the demons of the Worldwound into her minions.[1] Since the closing of the Worldwound at the end of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade in 4718 AR, her current fate remains unknown.[2]

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