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Shardra Geltl, Sajan Gadadvara, and Rivani sail on a strange ship in a dream voyage through the Dreamlands.

A dreamscape is a realm within the Dreamlands similar to a demiplane, and is created by a sleeping mortal creature; this creature is typically the only creature who can naturally access it. A dreamer inhabits a dreamscape through a lucid body, a type of avatar. Due to the vast array of mortal life in the multiverse capable of experiencing dreams, the Dreamlands can contain an almost countless array of independent dreamscapes.[1]

Planar traits

Due to the unusual dimensional behavior of the Dreamlands and its existence within the Ethereal Plane, a dreamscape can be considered to be coexistent with all other planes.[1]

Each dreamscape has its own planar traits, which can include properties of physics such as gravity and time. The perceived passing of a single day in most dreamscapes consumes an hour in the Material Plane.[1]

A lucid body can attempt extraordinary acts within a dreamscape that they could not accomplish in the Material Plane, such as casting powerful spells or wielding legendary magic items.[1]


Aside from entering a dreamscape through a naturally occurring dream, existing dreamscapes can also be accessed through specialized magic spells and powers, such as dream travel. Accessing someone else's dream is a more difficult task of planar travel than accessing the more stable Dreamlands, which itself is more difficult than traveling to other standalone planes.[1]

Animate dreams are creatures that escaped from dreamscapes and often inhabit the Ethereal Plane.[2]


A dreamthief is a rogue whose soul contains a dreamshard of concentrated emotion that grants them supernatural access to others' dreamscapes, and can manifest and then steal those creatures' own emotions. They can also dream lucidly.[3]

Known dreamscapes


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