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In the eastern Tusk Mountains of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords lies a deep pit that resembles an inverted 13-layer ziggurat. The layers are littered with the bones of massive animals; and the lower the layer, the larger the bones, until they dwarf those of the largest creatures known to walk the surface of Golarion today.[1]

At the bottom of this pit is an opening just large enough to admit an average-sized humanoid, known as the Earthnavel, or sipapu to the local Kellid tribes. Below it stretch miles of freezing-cold tunnels which lead down into Nar-Voth, the upper layer of the Darklands. These passages show signs of collapse, suggesting that there may have once been larger tunnels here that extended beneath Nar-Voth into the deeper Darklands. It is possible many large beasts of the Tolguth in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords migrated there from Deep Tolguth in Orv via now-collapsed tunnels.[1]


The Earthnavel is guarded not only by large, terrible beasts, but also by the ghosts of fur-clad warriors from a bygone age. They attack those who do not have the proper totems and perform the proper rituals.[1] Some also claim that the tunnels are inhabited by a race of intelligent, advanced troglodytes.[2] The very powerful orc cleric Murrog One-Ear dwells near the narrowest part of the Earthnavel, seeking a set of magical skulls that would allow her to widen the pit releasing the beasts of Deep Tolguth upon the surface world.[3]


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