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Dragon Turtle


A dragon turtle is a massive creature that resembles a cross between a snapping turtle and a dragon. Their shells are fifteen feet in diameter, and vary in colour—brown, red and blue shells have been recorded. A typical specimen is twenty five feet long, from its nose to the end of its powerful, dragon-like tail.[citation needed]

Habitat and Society

Dragon turtles are usually solitary creatures, and can be found in both salt and fresh water. They often claim large territories, sometimes over fifty square miles. They lair in underwater caves. They usually feed on large fish, but can also eat seaweed. They are intelligent creatures, often able to speak several languages.

They are a threat to shipping; sailors sometimes pay tribute for safe passage. Those who do not may find their ships sunk and their crews eaten.[citation needed]


The thick shell of a dragon turtle provides excellent protection, equivalent to the thick hide of an adult white dragon. They have powerful teeth and fore claws, and are more than capable of capsizing ships.

A dragon turtle can also exhale a cloud of deadly steam, which is equally effective above and below the water.1

On Golarion

Dragon turtles live, among other places, in the western seas of the Shackles, where they pose a threat to ships skirting the edge of the Eye of Abendego.2 They are also known to dwell near the Devil's Drain which separates the Linnorm Kingdom of Southmoor from Dragon's Rib island in the Ironbound Islands. Here, dragon turtles drive ships into the whirlpool of Devil's Drain so they can feast on the shipwrecked sailors.3

The southern waters of the Embaral Ocean are home to an ancient dragon turtle named Calan, who ferociously defends the whales that migrate through his territory every year against whalers. At least one attempt to slay him to open up the southern waters to whaling has been attempted, which ended in failure after Calan split the ship sent to kill him in half and killed his would-be slayers.4


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