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Ambush in Absalom, the first Pathfinder Quest.

Beginning in 2011, Paizo began publishing Pathfinder Quests: short, Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild adventures designed to be played in about one hour and introduce new players to the organized play campaign. It continued publishing a new quest about once a year thereafter, expanding the format in 2014 with The Silverhex Chronicles to include four one-hour adventures that when played by the same player character are equivalent to a standard scenario. These quests are standalone adventures tied thematically to a season's metaplot, but were not integrated into the scenario numbering system. This changed in 2017 with the release of House of Harmonious Wisdom, the first quest to be given a spot in the normal PSRPG publication order.

Starting with Pathfinder Second Edition in August 2019, Quests became a monthly release. At the Organized Play panel at PaizoCon in May 2020, the team announced the end of the Pathfinder Quests line and the start of the Pathfinder Bounty product line.[1]

Pathfinder Quests by season

First Edition

Season 3
Ambush in Absalom
Season 4
Urge to Evolve
Season 6
The Silverhex Chronicles, Fane of Fangs
Season 7
Phantom Phenomena
Season 8
Honor's Echo, House of Harmonious Wisdom
Season 9
Fallen Family, Broken Name
Season 10
What the Helms Hide

Second Edition

The Rose Street Revenge
Season 1 (2E)
The Sandstone Secret, Unforgiving Fire, Grehunde's Gorget, Port Peril Pub Crawl, The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day, Archaeology in Aspenthar, A Curious Claim, Shadows of the Black Sovereign, Wayfinder Origins, The Broken Scales, A Parchment Tree, Putrid Seeds, Falcons' Descent


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