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County of Varno
Autocratic noble
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 28

The county of Varno lies in the far south-east of the country of Ustalav and so it borders foreign nations: to its east lies the technological country of Numeria and the chaotic River Kingdoms; to its south is the Theocracy of Razmiran. To Varno's west is the county of Versex; while to the north lies the county of Barstoi and the Furrows. Varno is a county within the Soivoda region.12


Varno is filled with dense forests and deep lakes. While it should be a fertile haven, the county is afflicted by fickle, some would say unnatural, weather, with seasons of plenty followed by years of drought and famine. As a result, the people of Varno are some of the most pious in all Ustalav, quick to proclaim their undying faith to Desna, or fickle Gozreh, as soon as the weather turns against them. Many are sadly willing to buy into the lies of any passing evangelist con man or soothsayer. The harsh conditions tend to turn neighbour against neighbour, and during times of famine, Varno's inhabitants are some of the most suspicious in the country.13 The harsh conditions are further exacerbated by the hands-off style of Varno's ruler, Conte Risotmaur Tiriac, who keeps himself distant from his people.4


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