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Nation Ustalav
Region Versex
Size Village
Ruler Maricella Weath

Source: Phantom Phenomena, pg(s). 4

Dunhob is a small village in the southern Ustalavic county of Versex, near Lantern Lake and the Hungry Mountains. The village is notable for strange occurrences that started around 4672 AR with the deaths of local tavern owner Veny Srevka and noblewoman Lady Rena Illirigarde. The superstitious village is led by town elder Maricella Weath.[1]


  • The Lucky Lantern, an abandoned and reportedly haunted tavern once owned by Veny Srevka.[1]
  • An ancient Kellid monolith about an hour's hike from town.[2]
  • Illirigarde Manor, the abandoned home of Lady Illirigarde, located a few miles from Dunhob in the hills near Lantern Lake.[3]


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