Desert drake

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Desert drake

Desert drakes are desert-dwelling ambush predators related to blue dragons.1


In order to more easily burrow through sand, desert drakes are among the lightest and most compactly built drakes. They possess powerful necks, swept-back horns, and thin wings, and tend to be rust-red to light tan in color so as to blend in with their sandy homes.1 A typical desert drake is around fifteen feet long from nose to tail and they have a lither, more graceful build than many of the other drake species.2


Desert drakes are ambush predators, and prey upon desert travellers and isolated outposts.1 They are renowned as amongst the most vicious of all the drake species and during an attack they love to prey on the most fearful creatures first, relishing their terror. Desert drakes are primarily ambush predators, most often they will setup high atop a rocky outcrop or similar perch. When they spot prey entering their territory they move in to strike. Depending on the terrain they will either fly in low, using the dunes to cover their approach or, burrow directly beneath the sands to come up below their prey. Desert drakes possess a fearsome breath weapon like an electrified dust storm that they can also use for concealment. Mated pair of desert drakes will often hunt larger and tougher prey while small groups of these drakes, known as rampages, are capable of decimating an entire caravan train.2

On Golarion

Desert drakes can be found roaming the scorched depths of the div-ruled region of Qadira known as the New Burnt Lands.


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