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Cosmic Caravan

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Cosmic Caravan
The Cosmic Caravan.
Type Constellations

Source: Occult Mysteries, pg(s). 36–37

The Cosmic Caravan is a zodiac containing thirteen constellations that Varisians and astrologers use as a basis for their occult studies and predictions.[1][2][3] The constellations form a perceived band around the planet of Golarion and, from an astrologer's viewpoint on Golarion, the sun and other planets of the solar system align with each other and the thirteen constellations as time passes. These associations suggest portents that can be read in varying degrees of success by diviners, oracles and astrologers.[4]


Below are listed the thirteen signs of the Cosmic Caravan and their associated dates:[2]

The Thrush

As the first constellation of the year, the Thrush (18 Kuthona—20 Abadius) is seen as a herald of the other signs, welcoming them with open wings.[2]

The Lantern Bearer

The serpentine angel known as the Lantern Bearer (21 Abadius—16 Calistril) guides the other signs, protecting them from danger and monotony.[2]

The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds (17 Calistril—11 Pharast) are represented as an intertwined couple or scarves that slip away for privacy. They are symbols of devotion and new life.[2]

The Bridge

The constellation of the Bridge (12 Pharast—18 Gozran) carries the travelers of the Cosmic Caravan over danger and toward new adventure, and symbolizes the separation between the dark of winter and the light of spring.[2]

The Daughter

The Daughter (19 Gozran—13 Desnus) is a light-hearted dancer and the first to cross the Bridge into the warmth and sunshine of spring.[2]

The Rider

The Rider (14 Desnus—20 Sarenith) is the guardian of the Cosmic Caravan who watches over his companions mounted on his painted steed. He is seen as either a stern barbarian or a boisterous reveler.[2]

The Patriarch

Seen as the father of the Cosmic Caravan, the Patriarch (21 Sarenith—20 Erastus) guides the Wagon through danger.[2]

The Wagon

The Wagon (21 Erastus—10 Arodus) carries the other signs across the sky, and is seen as either a wheel with seven spokes or a seven-pointed star.[2][5]

The Pack

The beasts of the Pack follow the Wagon (11 Arodus—16 Rova) and are seen as either loyal hounds or scavenging wolves.[2]

The Mother

Seen as a cauldron over a warm fire, the Mother (17 Rova—30 Lamashan) provides comfort and sustenance against the coming chill of winter and is the spiritual heart of the Cosmic Caravan.[2]

The Stargazer

The Stargazer (31 Lamashan—20 Neth), sometimes written "Star Gazer", is thought of as either a fool or a prophet who watches the heavens, searching for lost treasures or new wonders.[2]

The Stranger

The Stranger (21 Neth—29 Neth) travels his own path that occasionally intersects with that of the Cosmic Caravan, and is depicted as a single staring eye.[2]

The Follower

The Follower (30 Neth—17 Kuthona) travels behind the Caravan and can only be seen on the darkest nights. He is a veiled figure that represents what awaits all at the end of our journeys: Death.[2]


The Cosmic Caravan is most strongly associated with Varisia, but theories also connect it to Azlanti and Lergeni astrology.[3] In Lirgen, the government ran the country, and the people based their private lives, on astrological findings associated with the Cosmic Caravan.[4]


Certain psychics, called esoteric starseekers, use the constellations of the Cosmic Caravan as the source of their power; they read the constellations as other psychics read minds, and can gain access to certain spells that are associated with specific constellations.[6]


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