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Radillo, a half-elf enchanter.
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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 210

Enchantment is one of the eight schools of magic recognized on Golarion.1 It deals with influencing the minds of others, either by subtly charming them or through compulsion, which exerts a more overt control over the subject.2[citation needed] Wizards who specialize in enchantment magics are known as enchanters.3[citation needed]

Very perceptive individuals can discern whether someone is under the influence of an enchantment spell. Those targeted by compulsions are generally more obvious in this regard than those affected by a charm spell.4[citation needed]

On Golarion

Elven minds seem to be particularly resistant to enchantment magics.5 The god Asmodeus is associated with enchantments and enchanters of all kinds, and is often worshiped by the less wholesome ones.67

Notable enchanters

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  • Runelord Sorshen: The Runelord of Lust of the ancient Thassilonian Empire was one of the most powerful enchanters the world has ever known.8 Even though she has been absent for over 10,000 years, her influence can still be felt in the Varisian city of Korvosa. Built on the site of her ancient capital, Xin-Eurythnia, the magical college known as the Acadamae produces a disproportionately high number of enchantment specialists. In addition, every five to six years, the latent energies inherent in the site will produce an enchanter with powers far beyond his or her experience.9

Sin magic

During the reign of the runelords of ancient Thassilon, enchantment was associated with the sin of lust, and was therefore the specialty of Sorshen, ruler of Eurythnia.10


  1. The Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project removed game mechanics for the eight schools of magic. Player Core instead emphasizes four magical traditions, as well as the Unified Magical Theory with equivalent mechanics as the universal practice of all eight schools. Details related to this subject might remain part of the setting canon despite no longer having mechanics supported in current publications.
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