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Diguo-Dashu is also known to many as the Empire of the Rat or the Empire of the Rats,[1] though in reality "empire" is probably too organised a title for this chaotic region. Rather than being unified, the ratfolk of Diguo-Dashu have warred amongst themselves for countless generations. Nevertheless, Diguo-Dashu is one of Golarion's most populous ratfolk centres. Diguo-Dashu stretches across wide swathes of the Darklands level of Sekamina located below the continent of Tian Xia.[2][3]


For many on the surface, Diguo-Dashu is most famous for its war with Imperial Lung Wa in 4251 AR, when the ratfolk managed to conquer over a dozen cities before being beaten back by Lung Wa's formidable armies and permanently pacified by the legendary archmage Hao Jin.[4][5][6]