Ramlock's Hallow

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Ramlock's Hallow

Mildly neutral
All-but-forgotten demiplane realm of shifting sands and eternal twilight
Source: Entombed with the Pharaohs, pg(s). 11

Ramlock's Hallow is a haunted demiplane mostly forgotten by the inhabitants of Golarion. It is said to be composed of never-ending deserts and locked in perpetual twilight. Some scholars believe that the Ancient Osirians found a way to open a door to this reality.1

Paracount Imivus, the author of the Aucturn Lexicon, met his death on this demiplane researching a method to summon the burial pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension.2

The demiplane was created by Ramlock, a former priest of Desna driven mad by mind quakes and obsessed with Aucturn, to serve as his workshop for creating the pyramid and the Veinstone Pendulum.3


The demiplane has normal gravity relative to Golarion, but time passes much more slowly. Spending 56 years in the demiplane results in only 11 weeks passing on Golarion. The demiplane is effectively boundless, but traveling in a straight line eventually warps the traveler back to their origin. Magic behaves normally on the demiplane.4


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