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A model of an abrikandilu demon.

Abrikandilus are also known as wrecker demons, so called because of their constant need to destroy anything of beauty.1


An abrikandilu is a deformed, horned, hunchbacked humanoid with a forked rat tail and two thumbs per hand. It stands four feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.1


Abrikandilus are formed from the souls of vandals or defacers of works of art, especially those who did so out of envy. Their hatred of beauty is rivalled only by their loathing of their own shape, the sight of which (but not that of others of its kind) drives an abrikandilu into rage.1


Other demons usually employ abrikandilus as infantry, due to their brutality and lack of dependency on equipment. Their foes are often demoralised by how little remains after abrikandilus destroy works of beauty; even if they later manage to defeat the abrikandilus, what they broke is irreplaceable.1

The primary weakness of an abrikandilu is itself. Reflections of its horrible visage are enough to send it flying into a rage that may draw the creature into making fatal tactical mistakes.2 Ironically, then, without the works of art that they so loathe, abrikandilus would have nothing to rage at except themselves.3


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