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Foul demonic servants of Jubilex, the Demon Prince of Ooze, omox demons are creatures of liquid corruption that love to wallow in the filth of tainted water and rotting detritus. They are sometimes referred to as ooze demons or slime demons.1 Thankfully rare on the Material Plane, when summoned omox demons love nothing more than to corrupt, poison, and destroy.

Associated sin

Pollution of the environment2[citation needed] and destruction and desecration of beauty.3


An omox looks like a rolling wave of filthy slime given sentience. While the bottom half simply appears as a wave of slime the top half of the omox has some disturbingly human features. It has a pair of heavy set, muscular human-looking arms made of slime. Its face looks like some sort of fleshless, leering, demonic skull comprised of the same filthy brown slime that makes up the rest of it. An omox stands about seven feet tall, though due to its makeup of dense slime it weighs over 1,200 pounds.4

Habitat and ecology

If given a choice an omox will chose to lair within a body of water as they are aquatic creatures by nature. Strangely, despite being aquatic, omoxes can spend extended periods of time out of water without suffering any harm, though doing so tends to make them even angrier than usual. If possible, an omox will invariably lair underwater, due to their strong connection to Jubilex (which actually manifests as a tiny portal to his realm within the omox). An omox inevitably corrupts any water surrounding it, turning its lair into a fetid, slime filled cesspool. A part of the reason omoxes favour these sorts of lairs is because they know their enemies are revolted by such stinking, disgusting places. An omox takes delight in forcing an enemy to enter its filthy layers before confronting it and drowning in unnameable filth. Omoxes are created from the souls of those who polluted the environment.2 They are thankfully rare on the Material Plane as Jubilex takes little interest in the affairs of mortals. Normally an omox is only found on the material plane after being summoned by one of Jubilex's mad followers.5


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