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(chaotic, cold, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Maiden, Mother, Crone, pg(s). 84-85

Andrazku are relatively weak demons of the colder Abyssal realms. Born trackers, they resemble blue-colored gorillas.1

Associated sin

Misogyny that leads to the oppression and suffering of women.[citation needed]


Andrazku resemble blue-furred gorillas with several noticeable differences. From their head sprouts a set of curving horns and a darker mane of fur on their necks, while their mouths sport a set of small but ferocious, shark-like teeth. Their legs are satyr-like and end in cloven hooves. They walk with a hunched gait that somewhat conceals that they are over 7 foot tall at the shoulder.1

Habitat and ecology

Demons of cold, andrazku prefer cold climates. In the Outer Rifts they are associated with colder realms, particularly Kostchtchie's realm of Jhuvumirak. In the Universe they lair in cold locations, preferably ice or snow caves, although their ability to swim and climb means these caves can be very difficult to reach.1

Andrazku are formed from the souls of cowardly misogynists who used what little power that was granted them to abuse any women they could, but never progressed to more serious crimes. They are mocked for their cowardice when among other demons and are particularly looked down on by babaus and incubi.1

As they posses no mortal hungers to sate when hunting, andrazku prefer to savage, beat, and berate their prey, and sometimes attack and injure their prey only to let them go so they can hunt again. While they normally fight without weapons, some andrazku wield swords and whips in imitation of the more powerful balors and brand any creature they consider to be their slaves.1

When summoned, they prefer gifts of weapons and excessive flattery about their size and power but are much less likely to serve a female summoner.1


As one of the weaker demons, andrazku are often used by more powerful demons as either trackers or jailers. When left to themselves andrazku often form gangs or packs to compensate for their relative weakness.1

They despise serving under more powerful female demons, particularly mariliths and succubi; with a lone succubus, they sometimes try to gang up on them to tear them to pieces. Female demons are normally aware of this attitude, and some delight in tormenting them.1