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A pusk.

Pusks, also called dretches, are at the bottom of the demonic pecking order. They are sometimes known as sloth demons, or simply "the wretched".12

Associated sin



A pusk resembles a small, pallid humanoid with slack, lumpy skin and flesh and awkward arms and legs.2

Habitat and ecology

Pusks are the most numerous kind of demon, and one sufficiently slothful soul can spawn many pusks. As such, they exist serving demons on almost every layer of the Outer Rifts. Pusks are the servants and playthings of the more powerful demons and creatures native to that plane, and few aspire to or reach any greater power.2

They are also relatively common in the Universe as they are the easiest demon to summon, bully, and cajole. They happily serve mortals to escape their plights in the Outer Rifts and can often be bound for long periods of time with little motivation. They enjoy any opportunity to vent their impotent rage on weaker creatures and do not hesitate to betray a mortal master in a moment of weakness.2