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A vermlek, or worm demon, is a type of minor demon ranking slightly higher than the dretch.1


When not in possession of a host form, a vermlek resembles a seven-foot-long, four-tailed worm that weighs about 90 pounds.1

Each of a vermlek's four tails ends in writhing fibers, and its mouth consists of four segments lined with rows of many pointed teeth that open in a flower-like shape.2

Associated sin

Violation of the dead, such as grave-robbing and necromancy.3


Vermleks rarely move in their exposed natural forms, instead preferring to burrow into the bodies of deceased humanoids. A vermlek can animate and control these bodies, and attempt to use this disguise to infiltrate mortal settlements and influence the behavior of those who knew their bodies' living owners. A vermlek is occasionally able to achieve a position of authority over a community in this form, with disastrous consequences.2


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