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Coloxuses, also known as fly demons, would be the picture of elegance and refinement were it not for its grotesque fly head and shivering insectile wings.1


Coloxuses are demons who resemble humans with the head of a fly and gossamer wings. They are fastidiously clean and filth-avoidant, and wear impeccably tidy and stylish clothing.1 A coloxus is six feet tall and weighs 150 pounds.2[citation needed]


Coloxuses are formed from the souls of mortals who were vain to the point of destructiveness, and as demons are now scheming manipulators with a powerful phobia of dirt, grime, and filth. They present themselves with politeness and formality even as they commit evil acts on behalf of those they serve. Their well-mannered temperament see them often employed as spies, emissaries, and assassins.1

As filth permeates the Outer Rifts, coloxuses are happy to be summoned into a clean environment in the Universe and willing to work longer or for less if given a task that allows them to avoid contact with filth.1


Coloxuses can generate a droning sonic field with their wings that dampens sound and mesmerizes those nearby. Their powerful, magical jaws can drain not only their victim's vitality but also their self-confidence.1

Fly demons can speak Chthonian, Empyrean, Diabolic, and Common tongues, and can also use telepathy.1


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