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Sajan and Harsk fight a vilsteth demon.

(chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, pg(s). 86

Vilsteths, also known as corruption demons, are a species of demon formed in the Ivory Labyrinth from the souls of power abusers.1


A vilsteth's body seems carved from ivory, covered in runes and symbols of power. Its eyes glow an eerie yellow, and horns curl from its unmoving, mouthless head. Vilsteths are over seven feet tall and weigh 400 pounds.1


Vilsteths form from the souls of crooks who abused their power in life, putting themselves, their pride and pleasure over the organisation they presided. To keep their corruption secret, they spun an ever-expanding labyrinth of lies. Whether their sins were exposed or not before they died, their arrogance and secrecy caused their souls to be driven into Baphomet's Ivory Labyrinth and transformed into vilsteths.1

Vilsteths epitomise the sins that characterised themselves in their mortal lives: pride, fuelled by a desire for ever greater authority, and envy for anyone more beloved, respected or feared than themselves. They feed on the reactions of others, sowing confusion and suffering, and feasting upon the ensuing psychic residue. Since they have no mouths, vilsteths communicate entirely via telepathy.1


Vilsteths usually operate independently, sometimes recruiting lesser demons to aid them in their schemes. They amass vast wealth for briberies and lavish parties in order to tempt the unwise or unwary. They encourage and inspire artists to raise masterworks for their own glory, and through these monuments they spy, speak, and exercise a quiet dominion over the masses.1

Outside the Outer Rifts, vilsteths are often found near Baphomet's cults. They serve as ambassadors and agents provocateurs, often judging those who have violated the cult's confidentiality and helping with their agendas for upheaval.1


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